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Our Students

With permission from the pet parents, we are sharing with you pictures of some of our wonderful students.



Whidbey Dog Works

kindle & izzy

"Chris was fantastic. The dogs are much better behaved, and when she comes by, they get so excited to see her. That says a lot, that they don't run and cower, they absolutely adore her. She has helped my husband and I change the way we react to situations (jumping, mouthing), so that our home is much more harmonious. "

"Chris has a way with dogs and people. She helps us people understand our dogs needs better, and not get frustrated. She helps the dogs settle themselves and pay closer attention to what we need from them. "

- J & J


"Chris did an amazing NOT only training our puppy but made us feel at ease asking questions."

"We would highly recommend any one with a puppy or dog that needs some training to seek out time to meet with Whidbey Dog Works, this is the best trained puppy we have ever had."

- D & J


“..We've looked for training in the area and read reviews and recommendations for trainers. Whidbey Dog’s website and descriptions seem to fit our needs best…”

“..Whidbey Dogs was able to meet our training needs”..” We would definitely recommend Whidbey Dogs. Chris was wonderful.”

- D & G


"Whidbey Dog Works gave us successful and positive techniques that matched our dog’s needs and temperament. The feedback and homework that Chris provided each week were useful , precise, and well written.

We felt that we ended up with a document that we will be able to refer to in the future in order to maintain and review what we were taught.

We appreciate Chris’s punctuality, reliability, and professionalism. She is a master trainer. She is generous with her time and completely dedicated to the welfare of both her clients and their pets."

- J & E


"We engaged Whidbey Dog Works to assist us with Norman, our 10 month old puppy. He had some behavioral issues that we needed to address. “ …

” Whidbey Dog Works was definitely able to meet and exceed our training needs.”…

”Whidbey Dog Works did an excellent job engaging dogs as well as making sure the owners are integrated into the training process.”

- L & P


"Whidbey Dog Works far exceeded any expectations I have ever had... dog training is like two people trying to communicate who don’t have any common language to help get the messages through, but it was honestly so much easier than I thought it would be under Chris’s direction... she was able to not only help us train our dog but also ourselves! She is clear and concise but so approachable and easy to be around. "

- C.R.


"Whidbey Dog Works was fantastic! Chris was incredibly patient with our dog (and his humans) in slowly changing unwanted behaviors. The instruction was clear and made perfect sense.

The guidance we received was priceless! Using behavior modification techniques really worked well for us. The modeling of how we should be rewarding our dog was also very useful."

- A, G & Tony


“We are very pleased with the outcomes we've observed from the sessions.” …” Ursula seems more relaxed and at ease. I see this as an ongoing process that we'll always be working on, enjoying watching the development of Ursula's trust and happiness. I'm excited for future sessions and working more on recall and other things. “

-J, G & Ursula


"..With patience, persistence and positive feedback, Chris gained Sadie's trust and helped her discover that the world is not such a scary place after all."

- C