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Training For Dogs On Whidbey Island

Connection. Communication. Patience. Generosity.

Our training philosophy is simple. Find what motivates your dog to establish a connection. Use that connection to clearly and consistently communicate what you want. Practice patience and generosity to bring it about.

I am a graduate of and certified by The Academy For Dog Trainers, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous programs in dog training and behavior. As such I am well-versed in obedience training, have a solid understanding of how animals learn, can troubleshoot problem behaviors and all through the lens of positive reinforcement training methods. This foundation combined with my love of animals and countless hours working with dogs, makes me well-prepared to help you, the pet parent, and your dog have the relationship and interaction you've always wanted.

Depending on the training style you prefer, you can either work side-by-side with me as I provide you insights and coach you how to train your dog or I can do the heavy lifting of training and then coach you on how to bring about and maintain the newly acquired behaviors at the end.

To get started, contact me at chris@whidbeydogs.com

Thank you,

Chris Tsang, CTC


Certified Trainer & Counselor