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Connection. Communication. Patience. Generosity.

Our training philosophy is simple 

Find what motivates your dog to establish a connection.  

Use that connection to clearly and consistently communicate what you want.  

Practice patience and generosity to bring it about.


Currently Not Taking on New Clients

Thank you for your interest in Whidbey Dog Works!  I am so grateful clients have been so receptive to my training services.  I want to maintain a high standard of delivery to those who have entrusted me with the education of their beloved dogs.  Therefore, currently I am not taking on new clients while I focus on those already in my care. 


I am a graduate of and certified by The Academy For Dog Trainers, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous programs in dog training and behavior.  As such I am well-versed in obedience training, have a solid understanding of how animals learn, can troubleshoot problem behaviors and all through the lens of positive reinforcement training methods. This foundation combined with my love of animals and countless hours working with dogs, makes me well-prepared to help you, the pet parent, and your dog have the relationship and interaction you've always wanted. 

Depending on the training style you prefer, you can either work side-by-side with me as I provide you insights and coach you how to train your dog or I can do the heavy lifting of training and then coach you on how to bring about and maintain the newly acquired behaviors at the end.

dog training whidbey students huckleberry and henry

Huckleberry and Henry 

"We are utterly delighted and satisfied with the training we received from Chris at Whidbey Dog Works. I say “we” because we (the humans) received just as much training as our dogs, which, if you think about it, makes perfect sense."

"Like a canine-Mary Poppins, Chris came into our home, transformed our behaviors and the results have been life-changing.  Huckleberry and Henry took to Chris immediately and were eager to adopt new habits as she made our training sessions fun and meaningful. 

"We would highly recommend Chris to anyone who sincerely wishes for their beloved pet to be a confident and happy addition to the family as well as in public.  Maintaining the training routine and adopting better habits does take time and effort, however, the results are so worth it!"

-  Missy and John



Where clients just need behavioral fine-tuning for their dog now and again or for those interested in an assessment of what’s needed to attain their training goals for their furry charges.

$140 per session


Where we demo and coach clients how to bring about desired behaviors from their dogs.  Because the client does the heavy lifting this is the more time intensive choice but great for clients who want the DIY experience of training and to gain some insights as to how animals learn.


4 Sessions. $480

1 session a week for 4 weeks


Where the trainer performs the heavy lifting of training within an established number of sessions. These techniques and ongoing maintenance are then transferred to clients so that they understand what they need to do to bring about the behaviors that have been installed.  This is a more efficient training solution.  We have two choices for you. 


12 Sessions. $1,320

3 sessions a week for 4 weeks. During each week 2 sessions are with the dog and 1 session with both client and dog.  


16 Sessions. $1,760

4 sessions a week for 4 weeks. During each week 3 sessions are with the dog and 1 session is with both client and dog.  


I will work with you to review your pet's current behavior and interactions, your desired outcomes and then provide a recommendation on the training type and appropriate number of sessions.  Click here to get started.

Thank you,

Chris Tsang, CTC


Certified Trainer & Counselor

Whidbey Dog Works. Dog training on Whidbey Island.

dog training whidbey student molly


 “Chris taught us how to work with Molly in ways that go to the heart of the relationship between dog and owner. Understanding how we impact Molly’s behavior by how we behave with her is probably the most important aspect of the training experience that Chris provides. “ 


“Chris has not only mastered the techniques of her profession, she fundamentally understands its behavioral foundations. All of this, combined with an obvious love of dogs, makes Chris an ideal trainer. In addition, Chris also follows up each training session with a written report of what was done as well as detailed instructions for new or reinforcing exercises. These reports and training How-To Instructionals are invaluable.”

 - Bob and Ji

dog training whidbey student phoebe


“Chris simply never gave up on training Phoebe or gave up on us as owners; both sides of the equation are extremely important when owning a dog as intelligent and agile as Phoebe”


“Chris' encouragement now keeps us hanging in with Phoebe as she evolves into a mature dog.  We see beautiful scenarios playing out as Phoebe matures--from her ability to lie at my feet in a crowded classroom, taking hand signals as commands, to intuiting how to herd a flock of sheep.  Quite simply, without Chris we would never have been able to keep Phoebe in our home, to know Phoebe as such a sweet, funny, intelligent companion.”

 -  Sharon B

dog training whidbey student tessie


“At the end of each lesson, we saw how the dog learned.  At the same time, we received coaching on how to train the dog.  In other words, I think we got as much training as the dog.” 


“The personalized training, for both people and dog, is very valuable. I have experienced many different and unique relationships with each of my previous dogs. Whidbey Dog Works addressed the unique interactions between my puppy and me very well."

-  Bob P.

Contact me by email at chris@whidbeydogs.com           

Dog training on Whidbey Island

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dog training whidbey student pete


whidbey island dog training dog willa


"After suddenly finding ourselves with two young adopted dogs, we came to the realization we needed assistance in making the new home well-adjusted for all.  Although we considered and did some small group dog class training, there were still unaddressed issues.  Having in-home, customized training for both humans and doggies seemed a good fit.  

Whidbey Dog Works came recommended by a local dog trainer.  The prompt email response followed by a meeting laid a foundation for success. Amazingly, because of Chris’s talents in both human and animal communication, the training went well beyond our expectations.  The evaluation of the interaction between the dogs in the home and with us allowed for modified instruction that was the invaluable component.  

Chris is clear and patient with all students during the lessons, any follow-up email questions, and through written notes.  All sessions were adjusted according to the needs of the subject’s style and learning level.  The initial six sessions gave us an excellent foundation, but I will engage Whidbey Dog Works as a continuing resource. "

- Nancy, Pete and Willa